Hope Coffee

Hope Coffee has been in operation since 2017

Founded under the auspices of Celebrate Hope Ministries, Hope Coffee serves as the business arm that buys and processes the coffee that from the more than 2200 farmers that have been under the development program of Celebrate Hope Ministries over the years.

Hope Coffee is a quest to provide farmers in rural Rakai with opportunities to sell their coffee at a one stop center while ensuring they get the best prices for their product. With value addition, all the money that is made is then invested back into community improvement through the NGO arm of the organization.

Currently Hope Coffee is Hulling dried coffee it buys from the farmers, grading it and taking it elsewhere for color sorting and gravity tabling before export or sale.

Hope Coffee is an investment that seeks to help farmers improve their earnings from coffee. It is premised on the next part of the value chain after the farmers who were given coffee and support towards its growth, will need to access markets and processing services. Hope coffee thus fills the gaps while ensuring farmers are helped to get the services they would otherwise source to middle men or Kampala which is 200 km away. The surplus revenue gained from the business is expected to support the NGO arm of the business to further invest in the community towards the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation.

Provision of market for the coffee and value addition for increased income are the key objectives under which Hope Coffee was started and runs. Hope coffee operates a factory that processes and grades farmers coffee, sources for good coffee markets and have developed a beverage line that roasts the coffee for drinking. Hope Coffee has also developed an automated farmer valuation system that issues payments coupons for farmers, thereby making all the coffee from CHM, traceable.


  1. Semi graded Robusta coffee (60Kg bags packaging)
  2. Beverage – Pure Ground Robusta coffee (100gm, 170gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg packaging)
  3. Beverage Whole bean roasted coffee (500gm, 1Kg, 2Kg packaging)


  1. Coffee hulling
  2. Coffee grading
  3. Coffee quality control Laboratory
  4. Transportation

Pure Ground Robusta coffee and Whole bean roasted coffee

Production center

Grading the coffee

Farmer delivering coffee for hulling and grading