Extending clean water to the People of Minziro

One of the greatest causes of poverty in Africa, and more so in Uganda is also the most overlooked…the lack of access to clean water.

The People of minziro community are such one community faced with poverty due to luck of access to clean water. They have been faced with challenges walking down the valleys to fetch dirty water for both domestic use and for feeding their animals, they had no HOPE, and then came Engineers without boarders through Celebrate Hope Germany 

CHM in partnership with friends from Engineers without Boarders have made it possible for the people of Minziro to overcome this issue and our goal is to reach more and people in the communities we work in to get them clean water.

Please consider partnering with us as we transform people’s lives

3 thoughts on “Extending clean water to the People of Minziro”

  1. This is so true, one of the leading causes of poverty is luck of access to clean water…this is going to change people’s lives. Keep it up CHM and Engineers from German

  2. We bless the Lord for such a great achievement and for the beneficial working relations between CHM and partners from Germany. The people will be happy and their lives greatly improved by this.
    Thank you and keep it up

    1. Thank you Eriab for being on ground seeing this happen. What stage are we at, is the facility fully functional to the community yet?

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