2020 and 2021 have been very challenging years for the Department. With schools and churches closed for the most part of these years, child and family correspondence has been tricky. We thank God that we have managed to execute most of our duties regardless!

Towards the end of this year (2021), we have resorted to home schooling all the children under the Department because it is going to be quite a long time before the schools will be re-opened! Together with the local pastors at village level, we have identified some teachers to help the children go through some school work from their homes. We pray that by the time schools re-open in January 2022 as directed by the President of Uganda, all the children under the Department will be somehow up-to-date on their school work. We are also carrying on with the random child and family correspondence activities like home visitations and letter writing. We are also preparing for a sponsor visit to some children which we hope will be a success, regardless of the prevailing global circumstances (covid 19).