Church and Ministry Development Program

Church and ministry Development is core to Celebrate Hope Ministries. It is the entry point to our service. Pastor Fredie came up with a unique model used in our programming.  

 (1 Pastor + 1 Congregation + 1 Family) x Jesus = Transformed Community. 

CHM has been able to penetrate communities through local pastors who pastor small church congregations willing to partner with CHM. We offer pastoral Ministry training  with a key objective of equipping the church through a well-trained leadership with holistic approach to addressing Church and community needs.

The Pastor introduces us to their congregations where we get to know the community needs and challenges, these challenges are sometimes unified or collective and so we along with the community we forge a way forward to addressing the challenges of that particular community.  Our current investment is a safe water source we have got funding for in one of the communities as a shared benefit for the all the people in the communities surrounding our program area.  

In the ten years of existence, we have trained and supported 260 pastors, hence 260 churches and villages reached. All this work is done through a unique the model 

Other interventions in this work includes, Conferences and Partners Church Outreaches, Evangelism and Church Planting. When you support our work, you will;

  • Present an opportunity to follow Christ’s example of compassion by using child Sponsorship
  • Empower congregants to impact children for Christ in their house holds and neighborhood.
Meet Pastor Steven Kintu.

Pastor Stephen doubles as the Programs Manager as well as the head of the Church and Ministry Development head of Department.  

He is Married to Norah Kintu with 4 children, Philemon, Mirriam, Gloria, and favor. He pastors a local church – Kakuto Community Church in Kyotera District. 

Pr. Steven is passionate about the Ministry together with pr. Fredie have trained 260 local pastors for the 10 years of CHM existence.

Pr. Steven Kintu