Focused at Seeing Communities Released From Oppression

Sponsorship Program Model

CHM seeks to empower and advocate for orphans and vulnerable children, release them from poverty, give them hope, and lead them to a bright future while ensuring that they have access to basic care and educational opportunities. Program Objectives: Motivating, teaching, and supporting children and their families to learn the practical skills necessary to manage and overcome challenges and to succeed in everyday life. Educating families into business and self-supporting entities can help them live a better life. Providing and supporting children in areas of intellectual and spiritual development. A sponsored child is the connecting factor between the sponsor and the rest of the family. The relationship affects the whole family although only one child whose school needs can be met directly while the rest of the siblings benefit from the project started for the family. While a child is supported in education, the parents/guardian become involved in coffee growing. We anticipate that within a 6 years period, the coffee received would have reached maturity and the family will harvest, sell and boost their income and cater to their children’s education and other family needs.