How we started
CHM has been in existence for 13 years planting churches. The ministry Started with 7 churches and now celebrating 260 Pastors, 260 churches, 260 communities. It all Started in 23rd December 2009 when Pr. Fredie got a Vision and shared it with 2 other pastors and these 2 pastors brought other 5 pastors and again these 7 pastors fished 3 other pastors in total they were 10 pastors that were trained. When they adopted the vision, these 10 pastors brought in other almost 300 pastors, translating to 300 churches. Pr. Fredie has visited 260 churches of the 300 churches.
We are a Christian Non Profit
Supporting Vulnerable People out of the bondages of poverty through coffee growing in Rakai and Kyotera Districts in Uganda

Our Vision

Socially vibrant, prosperous, self-sustaining Church-oriented communities, released from oppression.

Our Mission

To contribute towards strengthening Church institutions to respond to community needs, by creating improved livelihoods through holistic, unique and innovative approaches.

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Efficiency, Commitment
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What We Are Doing

Church Development
Church Development
We penetrate the communities through the local church
Family Transformation
Family Transformation
We initiate household improvement projects, mainly coffee.
Community Health
Community Health
We participate in health education and prevention of diseases in our communities
Financial Management
Financial Management
Training the communities in proper financial management and discipline.

What the Lord Has Done

We have seen the Lord Transform families from the poverty stricken life to a self-sustaining life with children able to go to school, parents able to save money through our Bank


“..Therefore Our Hope is in You..”
As a family of Celebrate Hope Ministries, we are very much delighted in the grace that the Lord has given us to
continue serving His people.
Once again, we bring you greetings from the team at
Celebrate Hope Ministries and we thank you for the
committed support.
Celebrate Hope Ministries has witnessed God’s marvelous blessings in the ten years journey it has made.