About CHM

Celebrate Hope Ministries was birthed in Uganda in December 2009, assisting communities in the in then Rakai District where Pastor Fredie was born.  Rakai District was the mostly affected District by the HIV/AIDS epidemic that hit the country in the early 1980’s. His vision came after looking back at the suffering of people he grew up seeing dying   and very many children orphaned. Although many agencies came in to help, people still lived miserable lives when these agencies exited – the problem was, people were not being taught self reliance. so poverty continued with its stench in the District.

Pastor Fredie wanted to help and he sought God in this on how to help his own people, he didn’t have the Money but had a Vision which birthed Celebrate Hope Ministries.

Today, Celebrate Hope Ministries is Celebrating 12 years of existence transforming Lives of the people of Rakai. CHM resettles families, CHM is seeking to extend its activities through the whole region to address poverty.

Today Celebrate Hope Ministries’ fundamental strategy is to empower House Holds in their communities to take charge of their own sustainability

Our Vision

Socially-vibrant prosperous self sustaining church oriented communities released from oppression

Our Mission

  • To contribute towards strengthening church institutions.
  • To respond to community needs by creating improved livelihoods through holistic, unique and innovative approaches

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Efficiency, Commitment 

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