We are Celebrate Hope Ministries.

A Christian Non Government Organisation Transforming  lives of the destitute  Children & coffee farmer Households  in Rakai Uganda

What We do

All our programs are aimed at improving not only the lives of Children as our focus but the entire house hold of poor farmers in the District of Rakai, Uganda. 

Child & Family Development Program

CFDP is a Child sponsorship program which is designed to  focus on a holistic child and family development aimed at improving survival rate of every child in a house hold setting. The program aims at empowering the whole household

Sustainability Program

The sustainability program is designed to maintain and improve the house Hold capital within house holds supported by our CFDP program. The program promotes Investments in the health and Child education , access to services, nutrition, knowledge and life skills.

Church & Ministry Development.

Our work starts with the local Church through a unique model that we use to penetrate these villages.  We build houses for widows and orphans living in dilapidated homes. We have so far constructed 57 homes under this program.

Partner with Us

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About Pastor Fredie Sekyewa

Pastor Fredie Sekyewa is the Founder and Ministry Director of Celebrate Hope Ministries. He was born in South Western Uganda in then Rakai District, Kabaale Sanje born to a staunch Christian couple. He is married to Rebecca Sekyewa for over 25 years and together they are blessed with 5 Children, 2 boys and 3 girls.

Pastor Fredie’s Family fellowships at Gaba Community Church where he also serves as a lay Pastor. He has led the Ministry for the last 10 years since 2009 and has led a big transformation in his home area where set the ministry to revive the poor farmers in Rakai.


“ I had an opportunity to Volunteer with Celebrate Hope Ministries in Uganda for one year learning the culture of people and sharing for the extreme poverty they go through and how CHM is changing their lives. I have never been the same again, CHM is doing a great job . ”


Our story

In the early 1990s, Rakai District in South Central Uganda was ravaged by HIV/AIDS epidemic which claimed very many lives of many including Pr. Fredie’s close Relatives and friends. Pr. Fredie with his wife, Rebecca had a call to work in that region alongside families who were torn apart, not only by the disease, but also by the extreme poverty that plagues the Country as a whole. Although Uganda had received a great deal of help from outside sources then, the help was short-lived. Our people weren’t being taught how to become self-reliant in a truly sustainable way. It was out of this condition that Celebrate Hope Ministries was born in December of 2009.


Today, we are proudly celebrating 10 years of transforming lives and we are still growing striving to meet our goal of touching 2 Million poor people in the District.

Our story of tranforming lives. This is what we use your donations for.

Meet our dedicated Staff management team

Pr. Fredie profile

Pr. Fredie Sekyewa

Pastor fredie is the CEO and Ministry Director of Celebrate Hope Ministries

Pr. Steven Kintu

Pr. Steven Kintu

Programs Manager - Church and Ministry lead.

Pastor Fredie and wife Rebecca

Rebecca Sekyewa

Administrator - Kampala Liaison Office


Mr. Eriab Ssebunje

Communications - Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Kasita Fred

Mr. Kasita Fred

HOPE COFFEE Business Manager.

Please consider partnering with us as we transform lives in response to Christ's call.

"Therefore, our hope is in you..." Jeremiah 14:22 (NIV)