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News: We launched Hope Coffee on the Germany market..please follow our partner Website by clicking on 'Germany Partners'.. CHM is responding to the Earthquake victims in Rakai many houses were greatly damaged including the CHM offices and some of our Beneficially houses, Pastor Fredie visited the victims and has a message for you in Video below. Please consider a donation to support the earthquake victims. To Donate to the ministry please click on the the donate button on top left of this page, to sponsor a child please click on "Sponsor a HOPE Child" link to redirect you to our Partners - LIFT Ministries in USA.... God richly bless you


Pastor Fredie and his lovely wife Rebecca Sekyewa visionary started CHM Ministry with a heart of transforming lives in Rakai District Uganda.

Fredie also serves as the President and Ministry Director for the CHM. God has blessed them with a happy marriage and four children. They were both born in Rakai District to Christian families and brought up in a Christian environment, enjoyed participating in Church activities and missions were they learnt how to serve God through ministering to others.

It's no surprise that God sent them back to Rakai to reach out to the vulnerable people directly or indirectly affected by the AIDS scourge.

CHM is a informational Christian Ministry reaching out to people's spiritual and physical needs in communities in Southern Uganda through the local churches. Celebrate Hope Ministries is a Christian Ugandan ministry reaching out through the local church to people's spiritual and physical needs in communities in Southern Uganda.

Our Vision is embedded in 4 key ministry areas:

1. To Equip the church through a well-trained leadership

2. To give support to the needy children/orphans and Widows

3. To initiate household improvement projects and care for HIV infected and affected persons.

4. To Participate in Health Education and prevention of disease in our Ministry Areas

About CHM

Who We Are

Our priority in ministry is that each and everyone one we serve will grow into a relationship with Jesus..

CHM major goal is to create sustainable churches and communities through training Pastors and church leaders, assist families to establish coffee plantations, start piggery and poultry projects, support a child and his/her family gain economic independence, raise shelter for orphans left in dilapidated homes and Prevention of common diseases and illnesses like malaria, diarrhoea, HIV and organise medical missions.

Where We Serve

God sent us to serve the people and communities in Rakai District in Southern Uganda, EastAfrica. The average family setting in Rakai is mostly elderly foster parents, widow or child headed, about 7 10 members. High rate of school Dropouts or no chance to education at all, earning less than a dollar a day. This is primarily due to the AIDS scourge that struck the area in the 80's leaving direct and indirect repercussions on top of other secondary causes like wars.

Ministry Areas

Child and Family Development Program

CHM seeks to empower and advocate for the orphans and vulnerable children, release them from poverty, give them hope, and lead them to a bright future while ensuring that they have access to basic care and educational opportunities. Program Objectives: Motivating, teaching and supporting children and their families to learn the practical skills necessary to manage and overcome challenges and to succeed in everyday life. Educating families into business and self-supporting entities that can help them live a better life. Providing and supporting children in areas of intellectual and spiritual development. A sponsored child is the connecting factor between the sponsor and the rest of the family. The relationship affects the whole family although its only one child whose school needs can be met directly while the rest of the siblings benefit from the project started for the family. While a child is supported in education, the parents / guardian become involved in coffee growing. We anticipate that within a 6 years period, coffee received would have reached maturity and the family will harvest, sell and boost their income and cater for their children's education and other family needs..

The Family Resettlement project

One of the very common problems left behind when the AIDS scourge struck Rakai was many orphans. Therefore, the real problem is what they have to go through in life! They are left in dilapidated homes composed of poor shelter, beddings and household utensils and can not do anything to change this status. Therefore, they are left at the mercy of relatives, friends and aging grandparents, who in most cases can not provide for all their needs. There are many cases we have in our records at CHM and through our Resettlement program, we believe that its more effective to bless these orphans with a brand new house constructed on their own land and handed right back to them to share a descent and comfortable home with their families. The local church helps identify these cases in the communities, and handed the responsibility of catering for them and making sure they enjoy the blessing after being resettled. In addition, the family is given 300 coffee seedlings to plant on their own land, spray pump, a hoe, panga and herbicides and also given technical assistance and monitoring to have them earn some income.

The Sustainability Program

Coffee is still the world leading cash crop and definitely the leading export product of Uganda. This means that there is ready and profitable market for coffee. Uganda is blessed with a favorable climate and fertile soils and human resource for labor. CHM patched these very interesting facts together to give birth to our Sustainability Program. Today we have over 876 farmers participating and prepared to benefit from the coffee program. They have completed our trainings, received and planted 300 seedlings of coffee each in addition to a spray pump and liters of herbicides, hoes & machetes to each farmer/family and receive regular farm and technical support. The first group of beneficiaries has now started harvesting and selling some coffee on an increasing trend per season. This means that these farmers/families can now earn money from selling their coffee and be able to meet their needs and take care of their families on their own. Our farmers/families are organized into 41 farmers' groups through which they learn to work collectively together and they have embarked on a move to expand their coffee farms beyond the 300 coffee trees from CHM. We are soon getting our brand new coffee huller machine in place to have our farmers produce processed and graded before getting bulked for export.

Celebrate Hope SACCO Project

As one of the ways to boost sustainability of the farmers, the dream of having a well laid saving scheme for the farmers was on 14th September 2015 brought to reality when Celebrate Hope SACCO was officially launched. During the launch, a 12 member committee was elected to serve as the board at the start. After registration on 23rd December 2015, it was rebranded to SANJE RAKAI CELEBRATE HOPE SACCO.

The major objectives of this SACCO are;

- To instil a saving culture among the farmers and other people

- To enable people in the area of operation build a better livelihood through rehabilitating their homesteads e.g. house renovations.

To boost education through enabling people acquire loans that can send children to school without excusing themselves on financial grounds. Our coffee farmers will also get loans to help them boost their coffee farms for better performance and increased production.

The coffee Business Center Project

Early this year, our Ministry participated in the annual taste of harvest competition organized by Africa Fine Coffee Asociation (AFCA) and Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and our coffee merged the best in the whole country. We thank God for this great achievement because we moved from 6th position last year to the best this year. Big thanks also go to our esteemed farmers for heeding to our training and putting it into practice, and also for the CHM Sustainability department team.

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