We Are Celebrate Hope Ministries a Christian Non-profit

Supporting Volunerable People out of the bondages of poverty through coffee growing in Kyotera, Uganda

Become a volunteer

Your time and skills are valuable to us. Our volunteering opportunities are open from office work to event organisation to public awareness raising and fundraising for the cause of the poor . Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends while we tranform the communities. If you have time to give and the commitment to end poverty and injustice we are keen to welcome you among our team. Get in touch with us. Email: communication-me@celebratehopeministries.com

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Happy Giving

Your donation can bring hope to families facing poverty today in Rakai Region, Uganda. We’ve been working with these communities for over 8 years and we know that the sustainable way to fight poverty in these communities is to help people support themselves through Coffee growing on their land through our 6 years ponsorship plan for each family. By making a donation, you’ll help provide transformational change — help people grow coffee and more food, educate their children, and lead healthy, productive lives.

Sponsor a child

Since 2009, CHM has been providing orphaned, needy children and their families in Rakai Region, Uganda with loving homes through their local church pastors partnering with us. There are currently 159 children supported by LIFT Ministries USA and 410 children sponsored by our Germany partners. Under the sponsorship program we provide the child with School fees, Medical care, Scholastic materials, along with farm inputs including coffee seedlings through the sustainability program. The family is supported for 6 years and our belief is that after the 6 years families are able to self sustain themselves. Please click the link below to be redirected to our partners in the US and or Germany.

Sponsor a Child US

Sponsor a Child .de


Through your giving, we are able to transform families and hence bring to HOPE to them by Building homes for them through our resettlement program, paying School fees, providing medical care, scholastic materials for School going children and other community projects in the region of Rakai.


Pr. Fredie and wife visiting their sponsored child

fortune Coffee day

Our Faith

At CHM we believe that Important people are all of us; we are the history makers, people who give back to others—sharing and caring, showing compassion, generous with time and talents. By supporting communities, our dedicated staff team demonstrate benevolence by example; giving back by helping in schools and churches in the communities where we serve. Our HOPE is in the Lord who made all things. Jeremiah 14:22 '...Therefore our Hope is in you...'

Our Approach

A Call for Action

The principles of giving are not confined to finances, but also the little acts of kindness that repair communities and can incrementally repair the hopeless. The virtue of giving, sharing and doing good works for the single body of humanity, can be galvanized in us through religious Faith or philosophy. The first book of Isaiah 1:17 says 'Learn to do well; seek judgement, releive the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow..'

Our Projects. Support Us

CHM is undertaking a number of Community development activities for each of the programs. Through our donor support we are able to transform communities in Rakai Uganda.

Child & Family Development Program

The CFDP program seeks to give support to needy children and orphans and families through;

  • Child and family sponsorship program
  • Education and schooling support
  • Skills development
  • Developing home based businesses through coffee farming
  • Establish and support of schools

    Sponsor a Child US

    Sponsor a Child .de
  • Sustainability Project

    The Sustainability Program supports coffee farmers incluing those families with our sponsered children. In 2010, we started with 7 families supported with coffee seedlings, by 2017 we ha 2003 families 1,000,000 coffee seedlings distributed.

    Celebrate Hope SACCO

    Celebrate Hope SACCO offers financial services to our coffee farmers along with the community at large. It was inaugurated in 2016 with 65 members and now we have over 500 members and still growing

    Church & Ministry Development

    To equip the church through a well trained leadership with holistic approach to addressing church and community needs.

  • Training pastors and other church leaders
  • Church management and governance
  • Church outreach ministry initiatives
  • Organizing conferences

  • Trending News

    Please read through our news blog of activities cutting accross the Ministry.

    Medical Camp in Kakuto

    March. 15th 21

    Our Germany Partners conducted a medical camp at Kakuto Kyotera District and treated over 3000 people at no cost.

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    Optical Training

    April. 5th 21

    Our Germany partners conduct a training for opticians who will help address the eye issues for the community people.

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    Kingdom Builders conference

    Dec. 17th - 20th 21

    The Kingdom Builders conference is a professional’s camp. The purpose of this conference is to equip the professionals with knowledge and skills and to enrich their potentials in the market place while building the kingdom of God.

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